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Lower Back Pain at Night


Some people suffer from pain mainly at night (or when lying down). These sufferers can go through the whole day virtually pain-free. Once in bed they cannot make physical adjustments to lessen the pain. Getting sufficient sleep without the use of pain killers can become an issue. In a study from Spine journal in 2005: 44{9407f5b6efe070f32cbce28d256ba8963e2f0bc7ada54a9b2e2cd4b71a9b2be7} of people seen at a back pain clinics complained of back pain at night. Furthermore, 42{9407f5b6efe070f32cbce28d256ba8963e2f0bc7ada54a9b2e2cd4b71a9b2be7} of those patients reported pain was every night. The average participant received less than 5 hours of continuous sleep per night. The patients with more extreme cases were awakened from pain at least six times a night.

Back pain at night can be caused from a number of underlying conditions often for similar reasons to “regular” day pain.