Protein Toxicity

High fat diets seem counterintuitive to some as there has been a stigma around fat. In the last 20 years “low-fat” has come to mean “good for you,” even though many of the low fat foods are highly processed and would be seem as unhealthy by others. Some people struggle to make the transition from a low fat diet to a healthy high fat diet do to the fact it has been pounded into their brains. It is not healthy to eat mainly protein and can cause Protein toxicity

Protein toxicity refers to the harmful effects of eating too much protein. It is caused by the ratio of protein to the other macronutrients (carbohydrates and fat). When you break down protein into energy, the kidneys first need to remove nitrogen from the amino acids, a process called deamination. This process produces ammonia as a byproduct. Ammonia is highly toxic so your liver converts it into a waste product (urea), which is excreted through urine. This process stresses your liver and kidneys. 

Not eating enough fat and carbohydrates will also leave your body lacking fat-soluble micronutrients. This condition of excessive protein is known as “rabbit starvation”. The symptoms including: illness, weakness, physiological issues, and weight loss.