Desk Jobs and Bad Posture are Dangerous

Lower back pain is probably the most common problem from bad posture and prolonged sitting. However there are other dangerous health risks including heart attack, diabetes, and strokes.

Most of us know that being sedentary and having bad posture is unhealthy. However, we are now learning that prolonged sitting is not necessarily offset with a limited amount of exercise. If you are sitting most of the day you need to get up and move around regularly. A recent Flikli video recommends getting up to move round and stretch every 30 minutes (and for those of you that have a desk job realize, that’s pretty often).

Low back pain is wreaking havoc on us all. A study recently showed us that 50% of workers in the UK have suffered from back pain at some point. As a society, the more we rely on technology and innovation the less active we become. So maintain a good posture get up off the chair and move – keep a timer running on your computer or use an hour glass to remind yourself.


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