HyperLordosis (often referred to as swayback or just “Lordosis” for short) is a condition where an individual has an exaggerated arch or inward curve of the low back (lumbar region) which also makes the buttocks appear more prominent. Be aware that Lordosis can also reference the normal the inward curve or "arch" in your lower back. A moderate lordosis curve is normal and helps the spine cushion the weight and loads of the torso.

Hyper-lordosis is often caused by prolonged sitting, weak abdominals and inactivity. However another major cause is muscle imbalances in the back, hips or legs. Hyper lordosis causes the interverbral disks to receive uneven pressure and pinching which can lead to, back pain, back spasms, nerve impingent and a protruding stomach.

With hyper-lordosis the pelvis is tilted forward, stretching the glutes and shortening the hip flexors. This causes the buttocks and abdomen to stick out. Hyper-lordosis is typically combined with slouching (forward rounded) shoulders, which makes a person upper back hunched. As you can see there is a domino effect going on and one imbalanced muscle can affect multiple areas of the body and the spine which will ultimately result in pain and injury.

For most individuals suffering from Hyperlordosis the cure will come from physical therapy and lifestyle changes. There is a small percentage of people who have extreme cases and a surgical procedure and or spinal fusion may be needed to reduce the cause of lower right back pain.