Back pain is a common complaint for those suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome. Both lower left and lower right back pain can cause intense discomfort, making it impossible to sit or stand for long periods. Back pain associated with fibromyalgia can impact on the quality of a person’s sleep, making it difficult for the body to repair itself.

The majority of fibromyalgia patients experience chronic back pain due to a problem with your central nervous system. Fibromyalgia patient’s neurological connections embedded in the muscles of the back and spine are overactive. This mean that as the patient moves, their brain senses more pain than it generally should, resulting in chronic upper and lower right back pain.

However, Fibromyalgia back pain to a lesser extent can also caused by weakened muscles throughout the back. Fibromyalgia is a debilitating disease, causing impaired sleep and chronic fatigue, which can cause the muscles throughout the back to become weaker. This makes it increasingly harder for the patient’s spine to stay properly aligned, contributing to constant back pain.