Low Back Surgery

Back surgery may be considered if you have severe back pain that does not respond to other non invasive methods (i.e. physical therapy or other treatments). Most people that suffer pain from a herniated disk can be treated without surgery. If other treatments have failed and your quality of life is being affected by back pain, surgery might be a viable option for you. However, it should always be the last option for the treatment of back pain. Back surgery of any kind has many inherent risks and potential side effects that must first be taken into account. Not to scare you but the potential complications of back surgery include nerve damage, infection, internal bleeding, and bone graft or hardware rejection. These items need to be considered and know that there is never a guarantee that back surgery will be successful.

Types Of Back Surgery

Spinal Fusion




Discetomy/ Micro-Discetomy

– Hydro-Discectomy

– Laser Discectomy

– Percutaneous Discectomy

– non traumatic Discectomy