Rehabilitation Exercises

It is recommended that you try to moderately activity you are suffering from back pain (rather than lying in bed). Once the pain has decrease (over the next few) days you should begin gentle stretches and light strengthening exercise. There are many rehabilitation programs (and exercises) to stop low back pain (and keep it from coming back). Each individual should asses and test the various programs to see what they respond to the best. Any exercise program for the low back should be started slowly and increase in intensity gradually. Keep a positive attitude and realize that results may come slow. It is possible to rehabilitate your low back through self treatment alone. However, be aware that many of the exercises need to be performed with very strict form and you may not be able to properly asses yourself.

 Exercise is only one component of rehabilitation. You need to address other factors, including lifestyle and occupational hazards, posture, diet, stress, and more. Exercise is great but if done alone, your results will be limited.

A few of the most popular rehabiliation and functional streching and stregthening programs are:

The McKenzie method

The Egoscue Method

Foundation Training