Physical and emotional traits are inherited from parents through genes. Back pain is also be a part of the genetic inheritance. Studies show that people with an immediate family member (i.e. parent or sibling) with disc-related low back pain were more than four times likely to have low-back pain themselves!

What Types Of Back Pain Conditions Can Be Passed On? Many conditions that cause back pain may be passed down through generations, these include: degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and scoliosis. It is not entirely genetics that determine whether someone is going to develop chronic back pain. Some individuals may be isolated cases within the generation. Another factor is environmental where back pain has been a predominant issue within families that due similar tasks (or professions) leading to pain. This type of back pain would be psychological than physical (or genetic).

Become aware of health problems experienced by your family members so that you can watch for similar problems in yourself. If you have a high disposition for low back pain due to family genetics you should take extra precautions.