Proper Lifting Techniques to Avoid Low Back Pain

  • Planning


    Planning ahead can not only save your back but make moving objects as easy as possible.  Properly prepare the object to be moved (i.e. remove drawers or tape down loose pieces), make sure your path is clear of any obstacles.


  • Get assistance


    Use the help of another person, weight belt or use a dolly as deemed appropriate.


  • Lift and keep the object close to your body


    You have more strength and better balance when the object is held close to your midline.


  • Your feet should be shoulder width apart.


    Keeping your feet at shoulder width creates a good mobile base for moving items.


  • Bend at your knees

Use your leg muscles to lift the weight and keep your spine straight. Keeping your butt down and your eyes up.


  • Don’t twist or bent

Lift the object straight away in the direct you need to move it. If you do need to turn, stop and turn with baby steps. If needed put the object down, adjust, and re-lift.


  • Keep your core tight

Tighten your stomach and low back muscles which will help stabilize your spine and internal organs during the lifting and moving.