Back pain can be a sign of serious illness – Infections, bladder problems, and even cancer:(

Did you know that back pain is the main reason people are missing work, and is the second highest reason for doctor visits. The lower back is the most common area for pain. Typically back pain is caused directly from the spine or the muscles in the back. On rare occasions it is an indicator of bigger problems. An article in suggested that we pay closer to attention to the lower back pain.

One example referred to a woman who has been suffering from back pain for a long period and was continually get negative findings on her scans. After seeing a specialist that performed a cystoscopy (where a tiny camera is inserted into the bladder) they discovered she had been suffering from interstitial cystitis, which deteriorated the lining of her bladder.

Dr Almallah, a urologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham explained why back pain is often mistaken for other conditions.  "Sometimes the organs can send pain signals to other parts of the body – notably the back – by a process called 'referred pain'."

Lower back pain is known in the medical community to signal kidney and cancer issues. Although we don’t want people to over react to pain in the lower right back, you should be aware that there is a chance of a more serious underlying condition. So a visit to a specialist is recommended if you have continued back pain. 

Read more about the lower back pain study.


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