Physical Therapy can be Effective for Lower Back Pain

According to United State study, starting physical therapy for lower right back pain might be very effective to control it in long run. It is advisable to start going for therapy as soon as pain starts otherwise it might get bad and take a harmful turn in future.

Earlier the doctors used to ask their patients to take normal rest and see if pain settles down on their own. They would not just physical therapy at the early stages. They would recommend therapy at later stage only.

A study has tracked 200 patients with recent lower back pain for one year. Some of them were asked to take therapy while others were suggested rest. The group taking up physical therapy has showed improvement after approximate 3 months as compared to the group with no treatment. But the improvement was not very significant. The lead author of the study Julie Fritz (associate dean for research at Health College) clarified that it is normal to have low improvement differences between two groups as there is no particular “magic bullets” to fix Back pain.

After few months, there were review sessions and it was found that early physical therapy has statistically led to significant improvements in the lower pain as compared to usual care. Though the difference between two groups was modest not very exceptional.

During the research, authors faced a major limitation, that people dropped out of usual group as compared to physical therapy group hence there was a mismatch in number. Also, another limitation faced by authors with the physical therapy group was, people went for just ‘maintenance therapy’ and not the specific lower back pain therapy. This might have also led to limited result.

For further and better study, it would be advisable to compare patients who are willing to physical therapy from lower right back pain experts rather from normal massagers. There is another possibility for study to look upon people having physical therapy and others who will to have to do some exercises at home.

Well! Leaving behind the limitations it is still evident that those who start with early physical therapy for their lower right back pain bound to get relief sooner as compared to those who are simply resting and taking no treatment. So, it is advisable to get started with physical therapy as soon as possible.

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